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1″x6″ Chosera Stone Straight Razor Microscope Progression

1″x6″ Chosera Stone Straight Razor Microscope Progression

When it comes to honing razors, I prefer using the 1″x6″ stones due to their efficiency in handling vintage razors with warping or uneven hone wear. These smaller stones can rectify such issues without compromising much steel from the blade or causing unnecessary wear.

To illustrate the progression using Chosera stones, I captured a series of micrographs showing the ideal bevel/edge at each grit level. The razor used was a Geneva Cutlery (NY) 1/4 hollow ground, already in a shaving condition. For this razor, an average stroke count of approximately 150 alternating askew X-strokes was used. Images were taken using a Veho-400 USB microscope, with each picture measuring 0.75 mm tall by 1 mm wide.

Chosera Stone Straight Razor Microscope Progression

Chosera 400:
The 400 and 600 Chosera stones reveal an even but rugged edge. The ridge appears thick, making it inadequate for easy cutting of arm hair.

Chosera 600:
Both the 400 and 600 Chosera stones are best for eliminating deeper scratches from diamond plates and for repairs.

Chosera 800:
The 800 Chosera works as a bevel setter and transitional/repairing stone. Although the bevel has a matte finish and a thinner ridge, it’s still not suitable for effortless hair cutting.

Chosera 1K:
At 1K, the Chosera serves as a bevel setter and handles minor repairs. The bevel starts to become smoother and brighter, and the edge becomes more uniform. It can now cut arm hairs with slight pressure.

Chosera 2K:
The 2K stone polishes the bevel and refines the edge further. While the ridge may still be slightly rounded, it’s much more uniform. This level also prevents hidden scratches that can cause microchipping later. It should cut arm hairs with little to no pressure.

Chosera 3K:
At 3K, the Chosera adds more polish to the edge and bevel surface. The ridge line may look frayed, indicating microchipping at the 1K and 2K scratch level, which can be cleaned up.

Chosera 5K:
The 5K cleans up the edge, reducing fraying, and results in a more even line. You can’t do too many strokes at this level, and the edge should cut arm hair effortlessly.

Chosera 10K:
Finally, the 10K Chosera brings a superior polish to the bevel and creates a very consistent edge. Like the 5K, too many strokes at this level can cause fraying. This edge should slide through arm hair effortlessly.

Following this, you can proceed with stropping and shaving or continue further refinement.

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