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What is a Fishing gaff ?
A fishing gaff serves as a vital tool for safely securing and bringing in sizable catches to your boat from the water, when transferring a fish between points, or used as a second hand while processing fish. Gaffs are constructed with either a wooden or metal handle, and come is a wide variety of lengths. They all feature a pointed hook at its tip. Its main function is to aid anglers in safely landing and moving fish in a non-slip manner.

How do you choose the right size Fishing hooks ?
First determine the purpose of your gaff. Generally you want a longer length one if you pulling fish into a boat from the water (43cm – 93cm), a mid-length one when using it to transfer fish (36cm – 56cm), or a short one (15cm – 28cm) when processing a fish.

What is the advantage of the wooden handle vs metal?
Wooden handle gaffs are definitely more traditional than metal gaffing hooks, and still made with tried and true methods There’s generally more structural integrity in the wooden handle, and the forged hook will always penetrate the fish that is fresh or frozen. The gunstock handle gives the you the perfect grip and control, and the unfinished area makes for a better grip with wet hands.
Metal gaffs have the advantage of being light and extendable, and are more easily mass produced.

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