About us

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Some people fish, and some people are fishermen. We are neither. In all honesty, Tunaknives.com is an offshoot of Jende Industries, which was established in 2004. In 2020, when people really started to “catch” on to the Master Kuo and Maestro Wu G series Taiwan tuna knives, we decided to make a dedicated platform to showcase these unique fish knives in a more prominent light. We’ve been working with Maestro Wu since 2005, and with Master Kuo since 2014. Both makers are famous in Taiwan for seemingly opposite reasons. Maestro Wu’s reputation stems from repurposing Cold War era Bombshell steel that was fired by the communist Chinese army trying to bombard the island of Kinmen into submission in 1958, and then from lobbing propaganda filled shells at the island every other day until 1979. Master Kuo is most famous for forging the Green Destiny Sword from the 2000 movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” He uses the ancient Chinese tradition of burning human bones in the forge – a practice that traditionally added much desired trace elements of phosphorus and manganese to the steel - in order to recreate ancient Chinese swords and other weapons, along with infusing them with a soul. On a more fun note, the Tunaknives.com logo is inspired by the Master Kuo G-5 3XL, which looks like the head of a fish, fused with a body of a tuna. We thought that made one kicking logo, and we hope you enjoy it, as well as our products and services.