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Answers to Your Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is a tuna sword used for?

Tuna Swords are most often used to cut the rather large boneless quartered sections of a tuna into more manageable pieces for further processing and preparation.

What is a Taiwan tuna knife?

The main feature of a Taiwan Tuna Knife is its curved belly, which makes it easier to use in a pushing motion. It will unzip your fish.

What is the difference between Japanese fish knives and Taiwan Tuna knives?

There are 2 main differences between Japanese style and Taiwan style fish knives. First is Japanese style blades are straight, and generally used in a pulling motion to slice, while Taiwan Tuna Knives are curved, and generally used in a pushing motion to slice. Second is Taiwan tuna knives are double bevel while most Japanese fish knives are single bevel.

What Taiwan Tuna knife is best for cutting tuna steaks?

The best Taiwan Tuna knife for cutting tuna steaks depends on the size of the fish you are cutting. For most fish, the Master Kuo GL300 and the Master Kuo G-5XL are the most commonly used. Once you get to the really big fish, then the Yong Shin Tuna Swords are the best.