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Setting a Straight Razor Bevel on a 1K Chosera EP Stone

Setting a Straight Razor Bevel on a 1K Chosera EP Stone (Video)

“I was recently asked about the most effective method for establishing a bevel on a 1K stone, specifically the Chosera 1″x6″ Edge Pro sized stone. I tend to use these 1×6 stones primarily for razor honing due to their capability to manage warping, frowning, and smiling blades better than full-sized 3″ width stones. It’s both a personal preference and a practical choice in terms of space and expenses.

The video showcases three fundamental strokes: Circles, Knife Strokes, and X-Strokes, each serving a distinct purpose in honing. A brief overview is outlined below the video for a comprehensive understanding of each technique. Enjoy the demonstration!

Circles are the most aggressive strokes, ideal for repairing chips or initiating a bevel on razors that require extensive restoration. Using considerable pressure, I typically perform sets of 20-25 circles per side. While it might take multiple sets, this stroke is effective for initial work. After setting a bevel using circles, refining with knife strokes on the same stone is crucial before moving to a finer stone.

Knife Strokes involve single-sided back and forth movements without flipping the blade. It’s akin to half an X stroke and works well for light repairs or quick touch-ups on a worn edge. Employing less pressure than circles, I typically perform sets of 20-25 strokes per side. Starting with this stroke may require several sets to achieve the desired outcome.

X-Strokes comprise alternating, single-side honing strokes with no added pressure. This method is less invasive and readies the bevel/edge for the next grit level. I recommend at least 50-100 strokes to firmly establish the depth and consistency of the 1K stone, reducing the risk of micro chipping at higher levels.

Choosing the right stroke:

For razors in need of serious restoration, like those from online marketplaces or with significant issues, starting with circles, followed by knife strokes and finishing with X-strokes, all on the 1K stone, is recommended.

Maintaining a weary shaving edge with maintenance wear may start with X-Strokes. If more aggression is needed, shift to Knife Strokes, and in severe cases, resort to Circles (progressing back up the sequence).”

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