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What is a Taiwan tuna knife ?

The Taiwan tuna knife is a special tool used by fishermen to cut tuna. It’s long and curved with a sharp edge. This knife is designed to slice through the tough skin and flesh of large tuna fish. Its handle is usually made of wood or plastic for a good grip. Fishermen use it carefully to avoid accidents. It’s essential for processing tuna quickly and efficiently. The Taiwan tuna knife is a vital tool in the fishing industry.

What is a big fish knife used for?

A big fish knife, like the Master Kuo G5 Extra Large Taiwan Tuna Knife, is specifically designed for tasks such as cutting the heads off of large fish and slicing the body into steaks. With its dimensions and construction, it’s adept at handling sizable fish, allowing for precise cuts through the flesh. The knife’s technique involves pushing the heel of the blade into the fish and then rolling it forward to complete the cut, or making long lateral cuts with a zipping motion. Its 3 layered laminated steel construction, including a core of Japanese High Carbon SK5 steel, ensures durability and sharpness, essential for the demanding task of processing large fish. Regular maintenance, as outlined in the care instructions, helps to preserve the knife’s performance and longevity.

Why are fish knives so shaped?

Fish knives are shaped with a long, narrow blade, curved edge, and pointed tip for precise slicing and filleting. This design aids in smooth cuts and bone removal. The sturdy construction, often using laminated steel, ensures durability and rust resistance. Overall, fish knives are designed for efficient fish processing tasks, from cleaning to filleting.

What is a Yanagi knife used for?

A Yanagi knife, like the Maestro Wu G6 Damascus Japanese Yanagi Sushi Fish Knife, is primarily used for slicing fish to create sushi and sashimi. With its long, narrow blade and sharp edge, it allows for precise cuts that enhance the presentation and taste of the fish. The knife’s design, available in various blade lengths, ensures versatility for different types and sizes of fish. Properly sharpened to at least 5,000 grit, it enhances the cutting experience and contributes to the overall quality of the dish.

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