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serrated knife sharpening worth or not

Is sharpening serrated knife worth?

Some may argue that sharpening serrated knives is unnecessary. For many, the sharpness of kitchen tools might not be a top concern (though, if you’re here reading about sharpening, you likely have a different perspective). However, it does make a significant difference. The reluctance to sharpen serrated knives often stems from not knowing how to do it. It’s understandable why someone might continue using a dull bread knife rather than attempting what seems like an intimidating task. But fear not! Sharpening serrated knives can be quick and easy, especially with the right tool.

How to sharpen a serrated knife

Sharpening each gullet of your serrated knives can be done efficiently with a small, round sharpening rod. One highly recommended tool for this purpose is the DMT Serrated Knife Sharpener. This product utilizes DMT Diamond technology, ensuring swift and effective sharpening of your serrated knives.

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