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TOG Elite Japanese Kitchen Knives

TOG Elite Japanese Kitchen Knives Review

We’ve recently tested the TOG Elite Japanese Kitchen Chef Knife Santoku. Verdict? It’s a stellar knife, boasting impressive performance, edge retention, and aesthetics.

The TOG website highlights several technical aspects of these knives, and my review centers around these claims.

“TOG blades are crafted from a unique steel for a sharp and enduring edge.”
The knife arrived remarkably sharp out of the box—so sharp that my usual tongue test wasn’t necessary. I tested its sharpness on paper, and it effortlessly sliced through it, unlike a typical factory edge. It felt closer to a 3K-grade sharpness. Kudos to TOG for the sharpness straight out of the box.

Regarding edge retention, it matched or slightly outperformed my usual knives (RC57-58) after sharpening. Over a two-week stint in a professional kitchen, subjected to daily use and minimal maintenance, it held its own against the usual rigors without any remarkable drawbacks.

The Acuto 440 steel in this blade, rated RC 58-60, hits the sweet spot for kitchen knives. It strikes the balance between holding an edge well without needing constant steeling and avoiding edge chipping. Maintaining this edge on different sharpening equipment, from stones to mechanized sharpeners, was straightforward and effective.

In practical use, the edge felt closer to VG-10 steel, exhibiting superior performance compared to lower-grade knives (typically RC ~52). Its balance, lightweight handling, and blade thinness made cutting and slicing effortless.

In summary, this knife is exceptional—it’s a high-performing, long-lasting tool that also boasts an attractive design.

Huge thanks to the team at TOG for this opportunity! You can buy more kitchen Knives from Jende Industries.

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