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Max Concentration Poly Diamond Knife Stropping Emulsions

In the world of knife sharpening, achieving sharp edges is an art, and the Jende Max Concentration Poly Diamond Emulsion stands as a testament to the pursuit of perfection. Designed to act as a liquid sharpening stone, this emulsion is faster than our already powerful regular strength Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions!

Liquid Precision: Cutting Beyond Limits

At the heart of the Jende Max Concentration Poly Diamond Emulsion lies its unique formulation, pushing the boundaries of what a liquid sharpening stone can achieve. The key distinction is its ability to contain the maximum concentration of diamonds without succumbing to the pitfalls of becoming impractical goop. This ensures that, by volume, it stands as the fastest cutting poly diamond knife stropping emulsion in liquid form.

Versatile Grit Range

The true beauty of this emulsion lies in its grit range, spanning from 15 Micron down to an astonishing 0.10 Micron. This translates to a grit spectrum from 1,000 grit to an unparalleled 160,000 grit, accommodating a diverse range of sharpening needs. Whether you’re looking to refine an edge or perform intricate maintenance, the Jende Max Concentration Poly Diamond Emulsion has you covered.

The inclusion of coarser grits at 15, 12, and 8 Micron addresses the needs of those who engage in work sharp and maintenance sharpening. This is a game-changer, as it caters to edges operating in the 1,000 to 2,000 grit range, an often neglected but crucial segment in the sharpening process.

Like a Liquid Sharpening Stone

Many enthusiasts incorporate stropping into their knife maintenance routine, and the Jende Max Concentration Poly Diamond Emulsion was precisely formulated with them in mind. When added to a strop’s surface, the emulsion serves as a liquid sharpening stone, providing a more intensive abrading action than conventional finish and maintenance stropping emulsions. It bridges the gap often left between sharpening stones and strops, ensuring a seamless transition for those who seek optimal sharpness.

Perfect Partners: Choosing the Right Strop

To unlock the full potential of the Jende Max Concentration Poly Diamond Emulsion, it’s essential to pair it with the right strop. The recommended strops include the Jende Rough Leather for the 15, 12, and 8 Micron emulsion, the Jende Cow Leather for the 4, 2, and 1 Micron emulsion, and the Jende Kangaroo strops for the 0.5, 0.25, and 0.10 Micron emulsions. This strategic pairing ensures a harmonious synergy between the emulsion and the strop, delivering unparalleled results. There is also a full range of nanocloth strops that add a more dynamic approach to stropping.

Grit Breakdown: From Coarse to Mirror Finish

Understanding the grit breakdown is crucial for achieving the desired sharpness. The Jende Max Concentration Poly Diamond Emulsion provides a comprehensive range:

  • 15 Micron (White): 1,000 Grit
  • 12 Micron (Black): 1,500 Grit
  • 8 Micron (Lime): 2,000 Grit
  • 4 Micron (Pink): 4,000 Grit
  • 2 Micron (Purple): 8,000 Grit
  • 1 Micron (Blue): 16,000 Grit
  • 0.5 Micron (Red): 30,000 Grit
  • 0.25 Micron (Green): 60,000 Grit
  • 0.10 Micron (Yellow): 160,000 Grit

This extensive range empowers users to tailor their sharpening process with surgical precision, from initial shaping to achieving a mirror-like finish.


By combining the convenience of a liquid form with an unparalleled grit range, this emulsion transforms stropping into a refined art, elevating the pursuit of precision in knife sharpening to new heights. Unlock the full potential of your blades with the fastest cutting poly diamond emulsion in the liquid form – a testament to Jende’s commitment to excellence in every sharpening experience.

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