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Exploring Jende’s Black and White Ceramic Sharpening Steels

Introducing our latest innovation: the Jende Ceramic Sharpening Steels! Available in both white ceramic (Mohs 9) and black ceramic (Mohs 8), these steels feature advanced anti-break technologies in their handles and tips.

For those who’ve experienced the frustration of easily broken ceramic steels in the past, witness our durability test!

Knife steels are a fundamental tool in every chef’s arsenal, yet the diversity among sharpening steels remains relatively unknown. Our Jende White Steel undergoes a triple firing process, hardening the ceramic material to Mohs 9. This enhanced hardness is perfect for maintaining knives crafted from softer steels and allows for more assertive steeling action.

On the other hand, the Jende Black Steel goes through a double firing process, resulting in blackened ceramic material hardened to Mohs 8. The density and hardness of Jende Ceramic Steel make it ideal for maintaining knives with harder steels, serving as an excellent finishing steel for quick touch-ups on the fly.

Choosing ceramic steels over metal or diamond offers a distinctive advantage in the resulting edge. Metal sharpening steels often bend an edge back without abrasive action or may rip the steel from the knife’s edge, significantly reducing sharpness and weakening the edge.

Diamond sharpening steels, while highly abrasive, can be overly aggressive if not used cautiously. They are beneficial for rigorous maintenance but might erode initial edge geometry during touch-ups, potentially leading to a serrated edge or decreased overall sharpness.

The Jende Ceramic Sharpening Steels are meticulously crafted for edge maintenance between sharpening’s. Their Mohs 8 and 9 hardness enables swift and efficient action while preserving edge geometry and sharpness. We recommend sharpening your edge between 1,000 and 3,000 grit when using our Sharpening Steels for optimal performance.

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