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Available in 7 grits, they come in easy to use 1 oz (25 ml) bottles. To use, simply pump the desired amount of emulsion on your stropping medium, spread evenly, let dry, then use as usual. We recommend watching out tutorial videos below on loading and using these with our Nanocloth, leather and kangaroo strops.


Micron (µ)    Grit
4 Micron 4K
2 Micron 8K
1 Micron 16K
0.5 Micron 30K
0.25 Micron 60K
0.10 Micron 160K
0.025 Micron 600K


Diamond abrasives cut through all steel types, and even ceramic blades like a hot knife through butter. Poly diamonds are able to get into the smallest grooves and therefore leave a more consistent and finer finish. If you feel you need more cutting action, you can try our Max Concentration Emulsions. We also have 7ml and 50ml sizes. Read this blog article for more information on Max Conc. Emulsion.


Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in


1 review for Jende Poly Diamond Knife Stropping Emulsion – 25ml All Grits

  1. Jens

    These emulsions make my razors sharper than ever. I can’t believe I shaved without these for 10 years.

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